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Each item in my collection is made entirely by hand. No mass production methods are used. The process is a detailed and time consuming endeavor with some pieces taking over a year from start to finish. I have summarized below several of the steps involved in creating the pieces you see on this site.

Choose one of the few antique pieces that I wish to represent.

Once chosen the item is presented to several highly skilled and experienced cabinetmakers all of whom are artisans in the methods of traditional cabinetmaking.

After choosing a cabinetmaker who is truly excited about doing the piece, several meetings occur to discuss detailed design points, selection of the finest woods, and appropriate hardware I wish to incorporate into the finished piece.

After physical construction, the design oftentimes requires tinting the woods to a correct finish in preparations for me to do the painting with the inks and watercolors. This finish must compliment my professional finishers materials.

I spend a significant amount of time planning the decoration. Particular attention is given to research and adaptation to motifs that preserve the essence of the work as done 200 years ago. Client communication to gain an understanding of their preferences are key elements in this process.

Pieces are made, pre-finished, and shipped to me from as far as 350 miles. I then start to apply the designs, do the ink work (if appropriate to the piece), and then the painting.

The decorated item is then very carefully transported to the finishers (watercolor will rub of with the slightest touch). He applies a superb final finish. Several coats of high grade professional finish applied. Hand sanding between each coat insures a smooth rich luster that brings the entire painting to life!

It is my sincere hope that my work will be passed on for many generations bringing each new household a little school girl art similar to those of 200 years ago.


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